Even on a rainy day we have something for you to enjoy.
History, Museums, Antiques, Library, or just relaxing and getting to know us .
Stop by at the River City Café in the Szilagyi Center and we'll tell you al about it.

Open May → October

Saturday 11:00 am→ 4:00 pm and Sundays 1:00 pm → 4:00 pm

 Extended days/hours during Festivals & Special Events 


Additional Information

The  Szilagyi Center for the Visual and Performing Arts (formerly Rowlesburg High School) is owned and operated by the Rowlesburg Revitalization  Committee, Inc.

The building is continuously renovated and improve to accommodate a variety of museums, dances, dinners, and performances.

Rooms are available to rent for business opportunities.  Internet service in the building.

20 Buffalo Street, Rowlesburg, WV 26425 - Phone 304-454-9009 (during opening hours)

For information call 304-329-1240 or 304-454-9634

All in one place for you to visit

  • B & O Model  Bridge Exhibit
  • World War II Museum
  • Preston County Sports Museum 
  • Arts Preston Studio
  • Emporium
  • Carolann Hooton Library
  • Art Room
  • Quilting Room
  • Rowlesburg High School Class Pix


Renovated Entrance

The entrance of the Szilagyi Center was decorated with a Lion's Head, mascot of the Rowlesburg River Lions, and repainted in May 2019.  Courtesy of Eric Baumgartner, Town Council Member 


B & O Centenary Bridge Exhibit

 The 1927 Centenary Bridges are on loan to the Tourism Commission and  Town of Rowlesburg from the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore. The  whole collection has not been on exhibit in one place since 1927 and has  never been outside of the B&O Railroad Museum.


 Many of these bridges pioneered engineering techniques for bridge  construction in America. The exhibit will be on display in the  Rowlesburg High School’s Szalagyi Center for the next five years. The  Rowlesburg exhibit includes a model of the Cheat River Bridge, which  when last seen had been swept down river 500 yards in the flood of 1985.

Also included in the exhibit is a replica of the bridge General W.E.  Jones and his Confederate Raiders were sent to attack in Rowlesburg in  1863. The models range in size from four to 17′. The bridge exhibit is  open weekends from May to October and during all festival occasions.


World War II Museum

This unique museum exhibits scenes from U.S, British, German and Russian soldiers. The Home Front (1940s living room) is also depicted with a Rosie the Riveter reading letters from her soldier. WAAC/Red Cross display with several uniforms, a Wall of Honor with 250+ photos of our veterans, and many other artifacts will capture your imagination.


Free for WWII Veterans

$5.00 Adults
$4.00 Seniors (65+) and Teens (11-20)
$2.00 Children (6-10)
Special rates for schools and groups

Review on Trip Advisor

“We  enjoy visiting small museums and we're delighted to find this one! The  full name of this museum is the "Greatest Generation" World War Two  Museum. It was founded by a couple originally from Belgium whose parents  had experienced the ravages of WWII. They amassed an impressive  collection of uniforms, arms and personal items for display in the  museum. One particular item was a rifle with one of the earliest night  vision scopes. The uniforms are worn by mannequins with each mannequin  having a unique face, head and hands created by the owner. The  mannequins are very realistic!

K.C. Annapolis, MD


Preston County Sports Museum

 Before consolidation of schools in 1986, there were ten high schools in  Preston County, each with its own sports program. They were Aurora,  Arthurdale, Bruceton Mills, Fellowsville, Kingwood, Masontown, Newburg,  Rowlesburg, Terra Alta, and Tunnelton. There was always vigorous but  friendly competition among the schools for the county title.


Preston County Sports Collection

  In 2012 a  group of representatives from the ten schools organized 

a project to  create a museum in the Szilagyi Center dedicated to 

the golden years of  county sports, including, football, basketball, 

and baseball. Former  athletes donated sports memorability spanning decades of hometown teams.


Riverbend Art Studio

Professional Potter Susan Ramey 

teaches the art of creating pottery at the Szilagyi Center. 

 The  eight-week wheel-throwing pottery class is open to ages 12 and up.  Classes are limited so that each student has his or her own wheel which  is 

a definite advantage in skill development.  


Classes for all ages and skill levels.

  Arts  Preston has been awarded a grant from a private foundation to fund  scholarships for classes through Arts Preston. Both partial and full  scholarships are available for groups (4-H, church youth, scouts, senior  citizens, etc.) 

as well as individuals. 


A variety of art classes

Something for everyone.  Check out their calendar!

If you would like more information or to be added to the list to receive emails about classes and events,  send an email to 

Janet Szilagyi at 


Community Quilters

 Sisters Helen Edmunds and Vickie Jackson make fabulous 

window quilts, table runners, place mats, and more. 

Interested in learning how to quilt or join the quilting sessions?

Visit them at the Quilting Room in the Szilagyi Center.

Call for more information.

Helen 304-568-2776 or Vickie 304-379-6491


Patty Wotring and Helen Edmunds at a quilting table in

the upstairs classroom at the Szilagyi Center.



Every year another design. Try your luch to win this beautiful quilt for a full size bed.

Tickets are only $1.00 per chance or 6 for $5.00

Available from Helen, Vickie, at the River City Cafe, 

during special events and at the Christkindlemart on Saturday 14 December 2019 where the drawing will be held at 3:00 pm.

Window Quilts

Proceeds benefit Szilagyi Center

Window Quilts



Proceeds benefit Szilagyi Center

Window Quilts


Above are examples of the beautiful window quilts that are for sale. Some designs are unique and not always available.

Proceeds benefit Szilagyi Center

Proceeds benefit Szilagyi Center

Proceeds benefit Szilagyi Center


Carolann Hooton Research & Reading Library

Carolann Hooton was an avid reader and in 2013 she and her husband Mike Hooton established the Carolann Hooton Research and Reading Library in her husband's hometown of Rowlesburg, WV.  


Books and Computer access for all

Check for opening times.

Info to be added